Sunday, June 1, 2014

Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd

today's food pick is this Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd. (RM4.50)

There was a hype of this dessert on Miri Community the other day. I was skeptical at first, plus it is kinda pricey for a dessert. But I gave it a try nevertheless. (never try never know right?)

I bought this from a cafe in Boulevard area, beside Maybank, named Ah Bui Kitchen. If I'm not mistaken, it is also available from other shops around Miri.

I think you're curious to find out what I think of it. haha. well, it was perfect. Definitely one of the best to fu fah I've had. Make sure you eat it cold.

Let me know what you think of it once you tried. :D 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Piato Brekkie

Today's food place is the newly opened breakfast/brunch place --- Piato Brekkie!

To our horror, we opened their facebook page this morning and saw the news that they're closing! No worries tho', 'cause they will definitely reopen once they find a new location to operate. Follow them on Facebook to get all the news about their whereabouts!

*their last operating day is 30th May 2014. If you're still in time, you best hurry over and have a try!* 

As for now, let's move on to their glorious food, which cannot be found anywhere else in Miri. :O~

(from Piato Brekkie's facebook page)

Aren't these food pictures making you drool?? 

Location: Pelita Area - A small station, in the middle of Cheerie Berries, Al Fresco and Viva Bar. 
Operating Hours: 8am - 1pm
Serves: breakfast/brunch
Seating: Limited (so may the early bird get the worm!)

 Big Breakfast with scrambled eggs (RM18)

Big Breakfast with poached eggs and additional Pork sausage (RM18+2)

 Smoked Salmon Benedict RM15

Fresh Watermelon Juice RM7

Bacon Tart (it was on the house that day - thank you! -)
so so sinful, if you're a fan of bacon, give it a try!

Mix and Match Breakfast RM10+

One good thing about this breakfast place, is that you get to customize your own dish. Having a bad morning and nothing on the menu appeals to you? Create your own! Gobble your meal down and make sure nothing stops you from enjoying your day. :) 

last but not least .. 

(from Piato Brekkie's facebook page)

been meaning to try out their pancake but it was sold out the second time I was there. It's alright. Will definitely find another time to have a try, because it looks so divine. T.T 

so.. what are you waiting for? head on over to Piato Brekkie for a whole new breakfast experience. :D 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Justberrys dessert house

there's another new dessert house in Miri! :D 
(kinda grateful it's not another tea house)

 Justberrys Dessert House, as the name suggests, serves mainly fruits on their menu.
durian, mango, honey dew, strawberry, papaya, taro balls to name a few. 

you'd go crazy staring at the menu - everything just looks so good you'd want to try it all.  

first things first, a map of the new dessert house:

the place is super easy to find. 
it's located in Pelita Area, same row with Jingwood Cafe. the map above should help 

now for the desserts! 

Mango xxx RM10.50

this dessert is nice - the mango tastes so fresh I nearly cried when I finished the last piece. Also, was in love with how adorable the watermelon balls looked! tastes just as cute too :9

 Mango Pudding RM11.50
this is a must try! The pudding tastes absolutely perfect. And I assure you, you will fall in love with the mango! :)

Durian King RM11.50
seems like Durian lovers are in luck as lots of Durian based desserts are available. this dessert consists of pamelo, spongecake, ice cream and durian paste at the bottom. the Durian taste is really strong, only opt for this if you love Durian! :) 


anyways, there's still a lot more dessert choices to choose from. (like I said before, you'd go nuts trying to figure out what to order) Some are still not available as the shop just opened. really excited to try the other desserts, right now I have my eyes on the papaya ones! I guess I better start saving up :D

Monday, March 17, 2014

Imperial Restaurant

hello!! We are officially back! :D 
Thank you for all the encouraging comments/emails, they really made our day. 

today's pick is Imperial Restaurant's Caesar Salad
I was introduced to this dish by a friend of mine, who was (and probably still) very much addicted to it. I for one am not really a salad person, but Imperial Restaurant's Caesar Salad is pretty impressive, not only in looks but in taste as well. 

Caesar Salad RM10

I think the price is reasonable too. 

Feeling fat and in need of a detox? Head on over to Imperial Restaurant, located inside Imperial Mall, for a taste of their healthy but scrumptious Caesar salad. :D 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Surf & Turf

many new eateries are opening up in Miri city :D. which is definitely something to celebrate about for us Mirians! hehe. 

a new fine dining restaurant is located at the shophouses on your left after you pass the Pujut 7 Bridge. it is right beside Baba and Siam (also a new place, which sadly we haven't blogged about).  

food place: Surf & Turf

(credits to: Strawberry)

though space is limited, the place is very cosy and gives out a warm and nice ambience to dine in. 
time for the food!

 Meli Melo Linguine Pasta

 yumms! looking at it makes me want to go back!! NOW. haha *tummy growling*
this is definitely worth RM15.90. very nice creamy pasta with seafood mix. if you're allergic I feel really sorry for you. >:(

all my other friends who ordered the chop said the portion was too small. and the tastes were a tad too 'special'. haha but despite the complaints we all were full after our meal. :)

sorry. didn't take note of the names for the chops. yikes. but all are below RM20. :) 
nice place to chill.

 thinking of a place for your next outing? fret not, give Surf & Turf a try!

Monday, April 1, 2013


hi guys!

 i know it's getting old, but as per usual i'm starting my post with an apology for being gone for so long. haha. but on the bright side, i have lots of pics on my computer waiting to be uploaded. :) 

today's food place: Coco's

i've been living in Miri practically my whole life, but this is the first time i set foot in the place! what a shame. the food there is to die for, i feel like i've been missing out all these years. 

first thing's first, here's a very basic map that will lead you to Coco's. i think most of us know where Shukie is? so just turn in the junction and then turn right. Nikko is beside Coco's, shouldn't be very hard to spot. :) 

the food available are mostly western, if not mistaken. price ranging from rm20-30 for the chops. 
we didn't order chop that night, but i saw the waitresses bringing them and the portion is very big! 

 Nachos - RM20++
very nice, very cheesy. as if the cheese topping wasn't sinful enough, they added cheese for us to dip the chips in somemore!

 beef + lamb satays - RM15

 chicken mushroom pizza - regular size. RM15++. (6 huge slices)

 this is very very yummmy!! doesn't this make you want to drop everything and head on over to Coco's for a feast?? haha :D

 Chef Signature Pizza - RM18 (regular as well)

very photogenic pizza, kinda resembles those Christmas cakes. haha. however it doesn't measure up to the first pizza - chicken & mushroom. most places' chef signature pizzas just don't taste as nice, probably due to the high expectations, IMO.

so what you waiting for?? go try this place out. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hong Bing Cafe 香槟茶室

i'm guessing not many have heard about this cafe? it's actually been open for quite awhile, belongs to the parents of a friend. we went to try out the food the other day and it was superb :9 

it is located in town, near the fish market. when you see the fish market, go straight and turn left into the parking lots. you should see the signboard reading "Hong Bing Cafe" in the block after the fish market.

I know how confusing the town area can be, so I drew a map for you! :D

now it's time for the food:

 Kueh Chap. 

 Fried Kueh Tiaw.
the sauce that comes with it is really special.

Kolo Mee.

there's just something about the food there.. feels like it's made with love! haha
go ahead and give it a try :]

Friday, June 29, 2012

Siamese Secrets

Siamese Secrets. 

this place should be quite well known to Mirians. however if you don't know how to get there, please advice Google Map. 

pros: food and ambiance, also the presentation of the food is nice. 
cons: pricey 

 Dory Fish.

 Salad. perfect 10 for the stunning presentation!

Diavola Carne Pizza.
seriously one of the best pizzas i've tasted.

Fried Kueh Tiaw. 

dumplings? :/ 
this is nice.

fish and chips

Marinara Pizza!
large *

perfect for seafood lovers.


the Lamb Chop is highly recommended, big portion and the price is quite reasonable too. RM15 I think? :O 

also, a friend said that they serve the best Ice Lemon!

head over and try it out. :)